Denounce The Deception (UK)

Article 61, Magna Carta 1215, Lawful Rebellion, Sovereignty, Truth, Law,

We use these to give you the best knowledge and information which will help you understand and determine what is really going on. We strongly recommend that you click on any additional information provided for the best experience reading the... Continue Reading →


Parliament have had NO AUTHORITY since 2001. [FACT]

On 23rd March 2001, a fundamental aspect of our Constitutional law was triggered, yet the majority of the British people do not know about it, even today, almost sixteen years later. If you've read our Article "Leave and Remain, don't play their... Continue Reading →

Danielle Delioness successful Notice.

This is a Notice that Danielle Delioness used within a process denying Wessex Water any authority to make demands on her. The Notice has a wealth of information contained within it, which will provide the reader with a good understanding... Continue Reading →

Scotland’s Connection: Magna Carta 1215

The Great Charter, 800 years old as of 2015, is actually more alive than one might wrongly assume, and isn't actually only English.

Practical Lawful Dissent: Process Successes!

Here is a list of the successful processes that we have undertaken and won in lawful rebellion.  We have successfully defended ourselves against the following demands by simple asking whether or not they had the authority to make those demands... Continue Reading →

Article 61: Activism and Breach of the Peace.

The danger in any kind of activism is that the police step in to a legitimate situation and either misguidedly or for their own hidden agenda, start arresting people (or threatening to arrest) for Breach of the Peace. The reality... Continue Reading →


The Petition; February 2001 To Defend British Rights and FreedomsA Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented under clause 61 of Magna Carta,1215 Ma’am, as our humble duty, we draw to Your Majesty’s attention: the loss of our national... Continue Reading →

Leave and Remain, don’t play their game! Article 61 is the Solution. Brexit was not.

Brexit did nothing except confuse the people more. It is not possible to lawfully vote in or out of an institution created unlawfully in the first place; has anything changed since? This is why Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty should NOT be touched.

Letter from Lord Kilmuir to Edward Heath on file. Inevitable “loss of sovereignty”.

My Dear Ted, You wrote to me on the 30th November about the constitutional implications of our becoming a party to the Treaty of Rome. I have now had an opportunity of considering what you say in your letter and... Continue Reading →

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