On 23rd March 2001, a fundamental aspect of our Constitutional law was triggered, yet the majority of the British people do not know about it, even today, almost sixteen years later.

If you’ve read our Article “Leave and Remain, don’t play their game! Article 61 is the Solution” then you’ll know that Clause 61 was invoked in response to very serious corruption at the highest levels of authority in this country, a group of highly honourable peers from the House of Lords were forced to use our most fundamental rights granted under the 1215 Magna Carta to urge the Queen to redress several infringements of our Constitutional Law by members of parliament.

The now non-sovereign had 40 days under provisions of British Constitutional law, including the Coronation Oath and Contractual duties which came as a Monarch to serve her obedient subjects in accordance to the respected laws and customs of the people”. Under the Magna Carta’s provisions, she had to provide redress but didn’t, which then lead to the invocation. Fortunately also being reported by the Telegraph on the day of the invocation. (EVIDENCE)

The Constitutional Laws of our country are the most important and powerful laws that we have. These laws protect our liberty, rights to self-governance, limit the powers of the Government and the judiciary, maintain the imperative right of Britons to a trial by our peers, a right to redress, and our right to enforce these laws

However, we can only use these laws and protect them if we know of them and insist upon their use. Unfortunately, as you are about to read in the informative article mentioned above “Leave or Remain, don’t play their game”, a very long-term and elaborate plot exists which is deceiving the majority of their rights in an attempt to subvert the British Constitution. 

In a nutshell, our Constitution was designed to protect our human rights. It was the first Human Rights law, although much more powerful than an ‘Act’ of parliament because it’s an immutable law which was designed by the people and cannot be lawfully taken away from the people without completely transparent, lawful and democratic consent, or defeat by open war. Our Constitution is, in fact, the grandfather of the constitutions of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. It is the ultimate law of the land, designed to keep the executive and governing bodies in check.

Why fund an illegal and illegitimate “Government” when they have since the invocation been acting in ultra vires? Do we the people really want to sit back and watch these present impostors abrogate and destroy our liberty amd freedoms, turning our inalienable birthrights into revocable privileges? We don’t think so.

Did you know we at this time are compelled by Constitutional Law to “distrain and distress” The Crown by:

  • Swearing an Oath of allegiance to the Committee of the Barons whom invoked Article Sixty-One.
  • Withholding taxes 
  • Seizing government buildings and assets
  • Completely disrupting the institution (PEACEFULLY)

And only when redress has been obtained and in such times where a  constitutional convention of the people has been achieved.

The law has been created by the people over many generations and includes various treaties, Bills, Declarations and sworn Oaths. We the people agreed with the law in its proper state which is why we are only policed by consent, or supposed to be. Our parliament and the Queen are subordinate to the Constitution, and the Monarch is lawfully bound by the Coronation Oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the people. Failure of the Monarch to protect the Constitution is an act of Treason against the people. Any attempt made by a minister of parliament to deceive the Monarch regarding the process of assent of legislation is a crime of sedition or potentially treason. Treason is the most serious breach of law on this land. The Constitutional Law cannot be changed by parliament; it can only be changed via a constitutional convention of the people.

If you take the time to read the links shown and highlighted in blue, you will gain first hand knowledge of the crimes at large perpetuated by those in quisling capacity. You can also grab our ‘Quick Guide’ to Article 61 here.

Let’s not be vague, your country needs you.