Here is a list of the successful processes that we have undertaken and won in lawful rebellion. 

We have successfully defended ourselves against the following demands by simple asking whether or not they had the authority to make those demands since Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 came into effect. 

1. David Robinson stopped all actions against him by the courts, police and bailiffs after he deregisterred his truck and went through the mill when they eventually arrested me like they said they would.

He never paid the fines imposed in his absence, he in fact walked into Batch city police station to hand himself in (with all the documented evidence of treason against police, courts etc) because an arrest warrant had allegedly been issued….no arrest they couldn’t get him out of there quick enough, The idiot sergeant sent to deal with David even phoned Chippenham magistrates court and the Devizes police whom he had the evidence against.

That was in 2012 and nothing ever occurred, its not as if he has been hiding…

2. Whilst acting with power of attorney, David stopped Danielle from having to serve a 7 day committal order to Prison for contempt of court. 

3. Danielle Delioness took on the Crown Prosecution service and stopped Yeovil magistrates court from convicting her for growing 36 hemp plants, that the corrupt Wells police said were cannabis plants. The CPS said “Due to lack of evidence” the matter was closed…

4. Ollie Pinnock has taken on the council over council tax and has thus far successfully prevented any action being taken against him including for standing under article 61

5. Davy Dall’oglio has put an entire team of solicitors, bailiffs, police and magistrates on Notice of article 61 in defence of the theft Ann Richardson has been subjected to….this matter has yet to be resolved although they have all backed off from trying to steal the rest of her assets. 

6. Marcus Chamberlain has stood his ground and denied jurisdiction to the court with regard to an alleged breach of the peace charge. He was accosted by police whilst walking home at the same time as an EDL demonstration was going on nearby, which he had nothing to do with.
7. Whilst acting with power of attorney for another client David Robinson also stopped HMRC from claiming a fine of £1,200.00+ for not filing tax returns since 2012. They also paid the fines back that she had previously paid under duress of circumstances (£1,700.00).
8. Mark Cole has stopped all court and police action against him over a land issue. wherby the council claimed he was running an illegal campsite on his land. Consequently he can do exactly as he pleases on his own land (without breaching the peace) now that the local alleged authorities are on Notice of his standing.

9. Danielle Delioness has stopped demands for council tax, water and sewage charges from being enforced. 

10. Eddy Alder was the first to stop all demands for tax by HMRC after conditionally accepting their demand as long as they could prove authority since article 61 was invoked.

There are others that have had successes against minor issues like parking fines and TV licence etc… well as others with regard to council tax and HMRC. 
If YOU have used Article 61 to achieve a stalemate, because I know I’ve forgotten a few…please add a coment briefly outlining that success..