If you’re new to this, then we welcome you, today we will be going over:

  • “Why Rebel?”
  • Article 61 (The Solution)
  • What this Campaign will achieve?
  • How do we go about this?
  • Showing lawful Intent
  • Lawful standing
  • What’s next?
  • The Conditional Acceptance Process. 
  • Once secret “Shoe-horned into the EU” documents (Evidence of Treason) 
  • Validity of the Magna Carta (1215).

    “Why Rebel?”

    • First of all, on the 10th of August 1911 parliament pushed through the Parliament Act which being an unconstitutional and therefore unlawful act, dissolved the royal prerogative. This meant that although Royal Assent is meant to only allow acts and statutes in keeping with the constitution, it was diluted and those powers all but removed. This being the first act of treason to our knowledge that was committed. The governing ministers and the monarchy have failed to uphold their duty and their oaths to the people they are meant to be serving and broken the law a thousand times over since then. All acts and statutes since 1911 are treasonable, that means they need to come under close scrutiny and reassessing as to whether they are still valid under constitutional law. Even King Edward VII REFUSED the assent outright to what became the 1911 Parliament Act ordering the prime minister Asquith to go to the country on the grounds the bill was unconstitutional and also removed protection from his subjects. Asquith and his ministers went around the country lying about the Lords who thought it beneath them to reply. Asquith won the election and put the bill through, the King in his speech at the opening of parliament said that the only reason he was doing this was at the instruction of his ministers. A clear indication that this was against his wishes.
    • A further breach in our Constitutional Law came about in the 1970’s by giving away national sovereignty to a foreign authority, the subsequent ‘corrective’ referendum was void as it missled the people. It was misleading in two ways. Firstly we were never lawfully in the EEC, due to the constitutional breach therefore how could or can we vote to “remain” in something we are not lawfully in from the first place, and secondly it was never made clear to the people that joining the EEC was anything more than a trade agreement. Prior to the referendum it had never been explained to the people that the system would evolve into a European Government. Parliament is bound by Constitutional Law in many ways, including the prohibition to give away sovereignty to a foreign authority. The Bill of Rights clearly states: “no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.” This WAS Treason. And Tony Blair did NOT legally repeal the 1795 treasonable and seditious practices Act when he brought in the Crime and disorder Act in 1998 like the (imposter) government says. To do that is an act of High Treason, which still carries the death penalty.

    Regardless of your political views regarding the pros and cons of our membership of the EU, while parliament is using a party political whip system individual constituencies’ views cannot be truly and democratically represented. Due to the fact that all the main parties were backing the ‘Remain Campaign’ how can a parliamentary vote, heavily controlled by the whip system, reflect true democracy?

    The following statement was made by a QC in a discussion about the recent ruling on the right of Parliament to veto the referendum result – “As Parliament is sovereign it can do as it pleases, including give away some of its own sovereignty.” This is a VERY dangerous concept.

    The people have sovereignty over their Constitutional Laws; these can only be changed via true and open democracy. For democracy in this country to truly exist the people must be their own rulers. The word democracy (origin: Demokratia) says it all, DEMO means people, and KRATOS means sovereignty or sovereign rule. It originates from the Hellenic Athenian Constitution of Government, where democracy was founded on the Rule of Law, with laws being decided via the Trial by Jury system.

    We are all sovereign beings especially in Britain wherby the alleged monarch has BREACHED the Coronation Oath and Contractual duties, which means the sovereignty of the nation, which was entrusted to the monarch under Oath and contract went straight back to the people.

    Can you imagine a Crown Court trial where a whip system corralled and ‘influenced’ members of the jury in a certain direction?

      ARTICLE 61 (The Solution)

      Article 61 was petitioned by all members of the House of Lords by the Magna Carta Society in 1999. A Committee of the Barons was formed and served notice on The Sovereign on the 7th of be February 2001 and later after the 40 days she was given in accordance to her Coronation Oath, she did not respond appropriately. On the 23rd of March, it was correctly Invoked.

      Report of The Invocation (Click Here)

      Before The Invocation (Click Here)

      • The core of the Petition is as follows:

      “WHEREFORE it is our humble duty TO PETITION Your Majesty

      to withhold the Royal Assent from any Parliamentary Bill which attempts to ratify the Treaty of Nice unless and until the people of the United Kingdom have given clear and specific approval;

      to uphold and preserve the rights, freedoms and customs of your loyal subjects as set out in Magna Carta and the Declaration of Rights, which you, our Sovereign, swore before the nation to uphold and preserve in your Coronation Oath of June 1953.

      We have the honour to be Your Majesty’s loyal and obedient subjects.


      The research paper which led to the Petition is at:


      • This notice has the status of a Judgment by Her Peers (literally) on The Sovereign. Ordinary criminal matters are dealt with by a Judicial sub-committee of the Lords. The Queen failed to respond within 40 days according to her constitutional AND contractual duty (Coronation Oath). 
      • Her representative claimed that she was bound to follow the instructions of Her ministers and had no veto. 
      • The House of Lords Records Office confirmed in writing as recently as last September that Magna Carta, signed by King John in June 1215, stands to this day. Home Secretary Jack Straw said as much on 1 October 2000, when the Human Rights Act came into force. Halsbury’s Laws of England says: “Magna Carta is as binding upon the Crown today as it was the day it was sealed at Runnymede.”
      • In the first report before article 61 was invoked stated that Lord Ashbourne, a Conservative hereditary peer ousted from the Lords under Tony Blair’s reforms, said: “These rights may not have been exercised for 300 years but only because they were not needed. Well, we need them now. They may be a little dusty but they are in good order.”
      • The terms of Article 61 (lawful rebellion) will remain in force 
      • ALL Britons without exception are obliged by the common law to stand in lawful rebellion or be compelled to do so.
      • All Britons have a constitutional / common law OBLIGATION to disrupt Crown operations/activities to the best of their abilities.
      • All Britons have a constitutional / common law OBLIGATION to withhold taxes to the best of their abilities.
      • We are permitted by law to commit a lesser crime to prevent ourselves from committing a larger one…i.e., we can breach contractual agreements to prevent ourselves from aiding and abetting treason..

      What will this Campaign achieve?

      The prime objective is to bring the treason issue into a properly convened court de jure. This is a court of law with a jury that abides ONLY by the constitutional laws of the land (common law). Once the treason matter has been tried, and a verdict delivered on the evidence of the facts (which would obviously be a verdict that treason has and is being committed), thousands of people (traitors) will be arrested for that crime, or aiding and abetting that crime. We are gathering our evidence against our local traitors and also those in high office at this time.

      The result of such a verdict would immediately null and void ALL EU treaties and the occupation would end, this would herald different problems of course, as the traitors have made us dependent on the EU, we would need to pull together and help the farmers to grow food so that we don’t all starve for example.

      ALL treaties signed since the treasonous 1911 parliament Act would also be null and void as they were all signed by those compounding treason. This includes the UN treaties, it is the UN that seeks to enslave us and to depopulate us (which they are doing, and have been doing slowly for decades, that’s why everybody is ill today (i.e. cancer). Another result of such a verdict would be the reinstatement of the ‘rule of law’ and ALL courts would be courts of law again, which MUST be conducted in open forum so that ‘justice can be seen to be done’. No more secret courts where they can steal children and keep their corruption under wraps. Why we allow this to go on today is beyond reason and logic. 

      Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I wonder at what point did we collectively accept that injustice can go on unabated? Without getting our courts of law back there is no peaceful remedy to this occupation so it is paramount to the cause.

      So how do we go about this monumental task? …..

      The first thing that needs to be done is for YOU to stop acting from a place of fear and to challenge the regime by using the law (invocation of article 61). For YOU to realize your sovereignty and to learn about the constitution and how it protects us not the alleged public servants, it is very simple as it was created to be. The true law of this land dwells in the hearts of the people. Sadly today people are becoming more heartless as their logic and reason are corrupted by media propaganda and lies.

      The laws of our land are so simple because they are built upon integrity, honour, peace and above all TRUTH. This is why ignorance is no defence in law, the true law does not need to be written it should be in the hearts of us all…. cause no harm, cause no loss, be peaceful and honest, do we really need laws to maintain these basic principles? Sadly today we do as there are so many who have been concept controlled by their self programming that they receive daily by switching on that neon tube programming device called a television set.

      In practical terms what should we do?

      Firstly stop consenting to your own demise, this is paramount of course, and thankfully we can do this by the use of Magna Carta and Article 61. All we need to do is to use TRUTH to defend our right not to support crime, its really that simple. DO NOT CONSENT to summonses, police enforcement, government or council demands, some utility demands (as with water and sewage, to pay for this once public service is to aid and abet the theft of said service. it is a crime).

      Whereas the policy enforcers are the front line of opposition, who are ALL working for the corporations and ALL are acting in treason at this time, we need to ‘LOBBY THE BOBBY’ en masse, everyday. We need to get them individually to accept the evidential truth and to act according to the law not the rules they are sheepishly abiding by today. 

      We need to take responsibility for where we spend money. Yes its all fictitious lets not get into that one…..stop aiding the corporations by buying their products, by paying tax, by consenting to their corporate courts. The basic and verifiable fact is that the crown has absolutely NO AUTHORITY today, therefore the courts are ALL acting ‘ultra vires’ (above their authority) and in a ‘quisling’ capacity (aiding and abetting treasonous rules emanating from the European Union). 

      The problem today is that too many people are ignorant of the law, but ignorance is a choice and NO DEFENCE in law. There are too many obedient people we need people that are disobedient but ethical. How people can still support such a depraved regime is beyond reason. It is we that are responsible for all the paedophilia, terrorism, war crimes being committed with our collective consent….shame on us all!!
      Some people tell me that they have too much to lose, we say wake up! does anyone have anything less to lose on the battlefield? is your property worth more than your life or the lives of your children? How can you sleep at night when it is by your tacit consent that all the above crimes are allowed to continue unabated? Set your moral compass to true north and please help those of us who are using the law to defend it.

      If you are happy living under the occupation of a tyrannical regime, whilst having no protections under the law and, operating daily as an outlaw then do nothing. But don’t dare complain when the wolves are at your door intent on taking everything that you have because that is what IS going to happen. If you think that is some paranoid projection then you really need to look behind the thin veneer of the UN’s agenda 21, now upgraded to agenda 20-30. Just about everything is (buzz word) ‘unsustainable’ including ALL private property so you will lose everything anyway, including your life unless you are overly subservient, then you may be allowed to live in a ‘pack em and stack em’ high rise flat in one of the ‘smart’ cities they are creating right NOW. With forced vaccinations and the ‘Verichip’ implant….with no access to nature. I would rather be dead myself…..

      So to summarise:

      Stop being an outlaw and join the rebellion, we all have lawful excuse not to support the government et al, and this we literally do by royal command and evidential facts ONLY.

      Lobby the police at every opportunity, keep it simple about the invocation of article 61 and treason, and the evidential fact that it is everyone’s duty to stand under the constitution. Its an unassailable argument.

      Stop giving corporations your money (where possible).

      Educate your neighbours and friends about article 61’s invocation and Agenda 21 (20-30). Outlaws do not have ANY protection under the law. ALL people not standing under the invocation of article 61 are outlaws, Anyone that does not object to the way the country is being destroyed is also guilty of its destruction, they are also guilty of genocide, war crimes, paedophilia, treason, war crimes, massive fraud and many other less serious offences. Britain and the commonwealth are sovereign nations. Without our sovereignty there can only be literal slavery. SOS (save Our Sovereignty).

        Showing Lawful Intent.
        In order to stand in lawful rebellion you MUST adequately demonstrate your intention. In law ‘mens rea’ (intention) is very significant. Crimes in Britain as well as many other countries; are comprised of the physical action (actus reus) and the mental intent (mens rea). 

        if you’re going to engage in civil disobedience under the guise of lawful rebellion, and claim “lawful excuse” for breaking some laws, you must be able to adequately prove the purpose for which you committed the act. Until now, we have hinted that the most practical method is to sign, witness and post an oath of allegiance to one of the Barons that sat on the committee in 2001 when Article 61 was invoked. 

        • We are permitted by law to commit a lesser crime to prevent ourselves from committing a larger one…i.e., we can breach contractual agreements to prevent ourselves from aiding and abetting treason.
        • We can breach almost any law if it is with the intent of stopping the crimes at large, as treason is the most serious law that can be committed, which is why the death penalty for high treason still stands to this day.

        So what does the Magna Carta 1215 say about this? 

        “And let anyone in the land who wishes take an oath to obey the orders of the said twenty-five barons for the execution of all the aforesaid matters, and with them to distress us as much as he can, and we publicly and freely give anyone leave to take thwill never prohibit anyone from taking it.”

        (you can download the oath here.)

        You can send your oath to any of these barrons:

        Lord Craigmyle [Definitely Accepting]

        Scottas House, Knoydart, Invernesshire PH41 4PL

        Lord Strathcarron

        3 Elizabeth Court, Milmans Street, London SW10 0DA

        Otterwood, Beaulieu, Hampshire SO42 7YS

        Marquis of Aberdeen

        House of Formantine, Methlick, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB41 7EQ

        Earl of Cromer

        6 Sloane Terrace Mansions, London SW1X 9DG

        Earl of Devon,

        Powderham Castle, Exeter, Devon EX6 8JQ

        Lord Dormer

        Yew Tree Cottage, Dittisham, Devon TQ6 0EX

        Viscount Exmouth,

        The Coach House, Canonteign Falls, nr. Exeter, Devon EX6 7NT

        Lord Newall

        18 Lennox Gardens, London SW1X 0DG

        Wotton Underwood, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP18 0RZ

        Lord Milne,

        188 Broom Road, Teddington, Middlesex

        Lord Oaksey

        Hill Farm, Oaksey, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9HS

        Earl Cathcart,

        Gateley Hall, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 5EF

        18 Smith Terrace, London SW3 4DL

        Lord Ailsa,

        Cassillis House, Maybole, Ayrshire KA19 7JN

        Lord Napier of Magdala

        The Coach House, Kingsbury Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1HU

        Lord Sudeley (Merlin Charles Sainthill, interesting name)

        25 Melcombe Court, Dorset Square, London NW1 6EP

        Some of them have sadly passed on but many are still accepting and all you need is the evidence of the delivery (it has to be signed for).

        Today, there is no absolute need to send your oath to a barron. You could in fact send a copy to any “Crown authority” in the land, Police Chief Constable, local council, HMRC. the critical element is that you have signed the oath and had it validly witnessed by 3 people (over the age of 25 and not immediate family with no criminal background) – and preferentially sent that oath by registered post and kept a copy of the oath and the proof of postage. it is imperative that you take a copy of your Oath prior to posting and use Recorded Delivery. it is also highly desirable to obtain a screen clipping of the delivery signature. This is your evidence of intent. 

        You simply keep the post office receipt which contains a long number which will end with “GB” and put this code into the Royal Mail Tracker. At the time of writing a Recorded Deliveryof a single-page letter £1.73.

        Lawful Standing.

        Anyone who has taken their Oath of Allegiance possesses immunity from any crown or parliamentary mandate, law etc. if committed with the express intention of distressing/distraining the Crown under A.61 This is called “Lawful Excuse”.

        Once you have obtained verification of postage of your Oath  (better still, verification of delivery), you are now a bona fide inhabitant of Britain and a member of a very exclusive club of people who not only are the only legitimate inhabitants of our country but are also now ‘immunised’ against the ten thousand or so statutes, Acts and regulations published by successive puppet governments since the unlawful removal of the Royal Prerogative from the Monarch in 1911. You will have to put your local police station on a Notice of lawful Objection, provided with so a copy of your Oath and a clipping of the article covering the invocation. 

        You need to keep a permanent record. For the avoidance of doubt, once you are lawfully standing under Article 61, you have “LAWFUL EXCUSE” to break ANY law of the land (if done with the express intent of disressing or distraining the Crown and its agents), so long as it is not a breach of common law – you MUST not cause harm, injury, loss or fraud to another human and you must not breach the peace – that is it! Under common law there are four laws:-

        1. Cause no harm or injury to another
        2. Cause no loss to another
        3. Commit no fraud against another
        4. Do not breach the peace. (Click)

        Once in lawful rebellion you are obliged to be as disruptive as humanly possible to any government agency and provided you do not break the sanctity of the four rules above, they cannot lawfully prosecute you without committing Treason.

        If your country is one of the 52 member states of the intergovernmental organisation known as the Commonwealth you can use this process! (See the list at the end for additional info).

        What’s next?

        So, what’s next? Once you are lawfully standing under Article 61 you have a new shield named “lawful excuse” which permits you to distress and distran the crown (government) any way you see fit (except for doing the monarch or her heirs harm) apart form breaching the common law – do no harm, cause no loss and commit no fraud to people or their property and do not breach the peace.

        Beyond this, you can do just about anything you like. This is not legal advice nor is it incitement but things like seizing government buildings, refusing to pay taxes and making a nuisance of yourself to the authorities – local, regional or national are all fair game (please leave the NHS alone!).

        If you do not already have any ongoing processes and wish to stamp your authority on some poor unsuspecting public servant, an ideal place to start is with the Chief Constable of your police force. What you can do is send a ‘Notice of Lawful Objection’ in which you put the police on Notice that you have sworn your allegiance to the committtee of the barons and have lawful excuse. To remain in honour you request any objections be raised in writing (there never are any).

        Here is our fillable PDF template for Notice of Lawful Objection (explicitly for police)

        Conversely, if you have any other quisling(s) in mind, the following link is a more generalised version for governmental departments & QUANGOS etc.

        Here is our fillable PDF template for Notice of Lawful Objection (for general Gov’t departments)

        In the Notice of Lawful Objection is referenced two ancillary documents – a copy of YOUR Oath of allegiance to the committee of the barons and also the original newspaper report by Caroline Davies in the Telegraph of the invocation of Article 61. You will need to provide a copy of both.

        Copy of Daily Telegraph Newspaper Report on the Invocation

        Conditional Acceptance Process.

        This process will wipe of debt only if it prevent treason or compounding treason or makes you aid and abet the treason in any way and because we are facing a treasonous government we may do it and remain within the law.

        There are 3 types of acceptances in law. Conditional Acceptance, Express Acceptance and an Implied Acceptence. A conditional acceptance, sometimes called a qualified acceptance, occurs when a person to whom an offer has been made tells the offeror that he or she is willing to agree to the offer provided that some changes are made in its terms or that some condition or event occurs. This type of acceptance operates as a counteroffer. A counteroffer must be accepted by the original offeror before a contract can be established between the parties.

        Another type of conditional acceptance occurs when a drawee promises to pay a draft upon the fulfillment of a condition, such as a shipment of goods reaching its destination on the date specified in the contract.

        In this case and in further essence, you’re asking if they can prove that article 61 was not invoked on the 23rd of March 2001 and that it is not in effect and if they do so you will obide by their commands. They can never prove it. 

        The process is as follows (with download hyperlinks!):

        1. Conditional Acceptance (I conditionally accept your demand upon proof you have the authority to issue that demand since Article 61 was invoked).
        2. Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure (I wish to remain in honour so give you another opportunity to respond appropriately)
        3. Opportunity to Cure (I am honourable – please respond appropriately to my Conditional Acceptance – a third chance to get it right)
        4. Notice of Default – Lawful Estoppel (You have failed to respond to the points raised and therefore have no claim against me – forever more)
        5. Misprision of Treason.

        Notice 4 begins to hint that you are not playing games and mean business by introducing the notion of treason. Notice 5 lays it on the line. Notice 5 (Misprision) supplies the evidence which substantiates your position and it includes the following additional enclosures:

        The Condition?

        You will obide by their commands if they can prove that article 61 is not in effect and that since the invocation, they even have any authority. Simple.

        If they tell you you’re wrong, They will be comitting sedition. They also may try to sway you off the trail by telling you that the Magna Carta was repealed but this is the 1297 Magna Carta produced by parliament, not the peace Treaty of 1215. The original is beyond reach of parliament. And they won’t be able to prove that article 61 is not in effect as the invocation was reported by the Telegraph which stands as extra evidence. 

        With this process you may: 

        • Withhold taxes
        • Rebut and Reject any Civil fines/costs
        • Wipe debt
        • Educate others

        And you’re doing it very well inside of the law.

        SHOE-HORNED INTO THE EU (Evidence of Treason)


        (Downloadible content)


        (Viewable Content)

        The files are mostly documents obtained via the 30-year rule which meticulously document the Heath administrations Treason, Sedition and Fraud which were used to admit us to the “common market” which later flourished into the Nazi dream – the European “Union.”

        The file, which was originally a collection named “Shoe-horned into the EU” is an enormous batch of PDF documents which unmistakeably demonstrate the subterfuge that took place to get Britain into the E.U. We have now re-compressed the .pdf files and brought the original 860MB monster down to a more manageable 297MB. It also includes the latest photographic evidence of the Telegraph article from 2001

        Validity of the Magna Carta 1215 (click) 

        52 member states of the Commonwealth include:

        (Countries by region)



        Caribbean and Americas



        For more information visit: http://lawfulrebellion.info/